Sunday, July 13, 2014

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Do you have clients who love the distinctive designs of MacKenzie-Childs?  The MacKenzie-Childs style combines vibrant colors, pattern-on-pattern decorations, and the bold checkerboard motif that runs throughout the collection.  I recently visited the MacKenzie-Childs shop in Aurora, NY and took this photo at the left. Whoa... that's a lot of checks!  The MacKenzie-Childs annual barn sale is this month so I wanted to share some of the MacKenzie-Childs inspired treatments I have made over the years.  Some of the treatments have just a hint of the MacKenzie-Childs style and others are a full-scale, all-out explosion of color and pattern.
The first examples have just a hint of MacKenzie-Childs with a piping detail made from a small-scale, black-and-white check (1/2" squares).  The piping is at the bottom of these relaxed romans in a dinette bay window. The close-up shows the bias-cut welt and pleated ruffle at the bottom of the roman.  Also shown are boxed cushions for mudroom cubbies with the same bias-cut welt detail.

The next example uses a mid-scale, black-and-white check (1" squares).  In this bedroom, the black-and-white check is used both on the bias and the straight of grain in the neckroll pillow.  The color-blocked duvet cover is made out of colors to coordinate with the MacKenzie-Childs knobs and tassels used on the wall decoration.

A second example using the mid-scale check is a kitchen window treatment that gets its inspiration from a framed MacKenzie-Childs print.  The floral swagged valance is mounted from knobs on a fascia board (front board) that is covered with the 1" check oriented on the bias. The horns and jabots in the swagged valance are also contrast lined in the 1" check.  The close-up shows the MacKenzie-Childs knob and fascia.

A large-scale, black-and-white check (3" squares) is used in the next example.  The relaxed roman over the kitchen sink is cut on the bias and has a black-and-white pompom trim.  The trim really adds a touch of whimsy and enhances the MacKenzie-Childs feel of the treatment.

The final example illustrates full-on MacKenzie-Childs decor with window treatments that can definitely keep up!  The drapery panels are tie-top, color-blocked panels.  The panels are two widths of material each with 18" wide sections of red, blue, and yellow.  There are 20 pointed jester ties made of a small-scale, black-and-white check on each panel.  The drapery panels provide continuity in the open floor plan from the living room through the dining room to the sitting area.

You may not have a checkered past, but if you and a client are planning a checkered future, email me at!

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