Monday, February 4, 2013

Don't use that tone with me!

If you have children (or a spouse), I'll bet you have said it.  Hopefully you've never heard it from one of your clients! 

Choosing color is a huge part of your job.  Believe me when I say I can't do it and I certainly won't be lecturing you on how to do it.  But I do like to follow the latest color trends.

A few months ago, Naomi Harel of Invision Design Partners had an article in her newsletter about Pantone's 2013 Spring color forecast.  She included the picture below with the 10 color predictions.  Naomi suggested we had seen some, if not all, of these colors on the red carpet at the Emmys the night before.  I went looking for the dresses (she was right!) and then got the idea to see if these colors would make an appearance on "my runway" (my workroom table) in the upcoming months.  Look what I've seen so far. 


Kelly Osbourne and a window seat cushion in a young girl's room share the color African Violet.  According to Pantone, exotic African Violet is a statement color that brings a touch of intrigue to the palette.  Do you think that's true of Kelly's hair, too?  
Pantone says Nectarine is a bright, effervescent citrus orange with coral undertones providing a tangy burst of flavor and cheerful Lemon Zest brings out a piquant taste with its refreshing, spritely greenish cast.  While Padma Lakshmi and Julianne Moore looked beautiful in their gowns, I think both of these colors are perfect as trims at the bottom of relaxed roman shades.

Signifying the time of day when everything starts to wind down, Pantone says Dusk Blue offers a calming sense of serenity.  That is the perfect choice for Zooey Deschanel and this bedding ensemble.  Sweet dreams! 

Exuberant Poppy Red is a seductive, sensual and celebratory shade according to Pantone.  These dining room panels are perfect for the next holiday celebration or family party.  Wouldn't Kat Dennings be a nice addition to the guest list?
The prevalence of green in the spring forecast is undeniable.  As with the many shades of green in nature, Pantone says this season's greens offer a stunning foreground or the perfect backdrop for all other hues.  Like the first signs of spring, Tender Shoots, a vibrant yellow-green, is invigorating, active and cheerful.  Julie Bowen and this pillow would brighten up any room!   
Sophisticated Emerald is a lively, radiant green inspiring insight and clarity while enhancing our sense of well-being.  Emerald was chosen as the Pantone 2013 color of the year.  Sofia Vergara looks divine in it.  I haven't seen it on my table yet, but if you are looking for a workroom that can transform your Emerald fabric, contact me at and I'll insert the picture of your project here!