Monday, November 5, 2012


The weather has changed and there is a definite nip in the air.  We are settling in for a long Rochester winter.  Don't let the cold get you down!  Offer your customers a scaldino to brighten up their bedrooms and warm their feet.    

What is a scaldino?  Scaldino (pronounced skawl dee' no) is an Italian word that means warmer for the hands, feet, or bed.   The original scaldino was a metal or ceramic pot that was filled with hot ash or coal, then slipped under the covers at night, providing warmth to bedrooms that were most often unheated.  
Today we know the scaldino as the mini comforter at the end of the bed that warms the feet and protects the spread from a suitcase or other object placed at the foot of the bed.  Adding a scaldino is an easy way to update a bedroom.  A neutral colored bedspread, coverlet or duvet gets a completely new look with a scaldino and matching pillows.  Scaldinos are less expensive than a folded comforter as they take less fabric and labor.  Change them with the seasons to freshen and spice up the look of the bedding.   

When it comes to design, scaldinos can be as simple or as ornate as you want.  Here is an example of a scaldino that matches the decorative pillow and corona panels.   

Janis Reed, Interior Design Source 

This scaldino is reversible and banded on all four sides. 

Elizabeth Butler, Elizabeth Butler Interiors 

Here is a scaldino that has ruched ends and bullion fringe. 

Anne Marie Weissend, Vitoch Interiors 

Is it just a throw blanket?  Perhaps....but doesn't it sound better by its Italian name?  If you are looking for a workroom that can help you transform your customers' bedroom, contact me at

Decorare felice! (happy decorating).